Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's the last Sunday in September, it must be ASLOK time...


Sadly my attendance at this year's ASLOK has had to be cancelled due to a combination of three events:

1. The failure of my PC in February and the accompanying expenses involved in rebuilding.
2. At the same time, I lost access to my primary Gmail account until last week, owing to password issues.
3. The main one, and the primary financial reason I could not make it: Multiple root canals, wisdom teeth extraction (surgery required) and some dental reconstruction. Cost so far? In the thousands, even with private health insurance.

I have pretty much given away 2013 in terms of ASL for now. There are big things planned from November onwards, but 2014 is looking like a bumper year for a return to ASL with the prospect of attending CanCon, JunoBear, ASLOK (finally) and what could be a new regular event for me to attend even after I attend my final ASLOK in 2016: The inaugural Asia-Pacific ASL tourney to be held in Singapore around the end of February.

More on that anon, for now I'm just glad to have recovered access to my email and blogger account, even if it is still via Tablet/iPad hell.