Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ASLOk XXV - initial thoughts

Attending ASLOk XXV is going to be my first serious ASL Tourney. Sure I've been playing ASL for over 20 years, but in that time I've really only played about 10-12 different opponents face to face.

I'm not sure what the protocol is beyond the Grofaz matchups, but I'm hoping to arrange as many games as I can against people I've corresponded with over the years on CSW and/or played on VASL.

I'm still undecided about entering any of the Mini-tourneys. I do need to create a decent playlist however.

I wonder if I should look to start pre-arranging games as I'm going to be an early arrival and one of the last ones to leave.

Checking through my overlays and I'm sad to say I've misplaced/lost a couple of the small woods, grain and orchards ones.

I'll be packing a very light ASL gearbag -
the Rulebook + QRDCs
Netbook with eASLRB and Scenarios
Playlist book of about 20 scenarios
small plano of system counters and
ASLSK1-3 in a single SK box.

The plan at ASLOk apart from ASL gaming is to pick up as much ASL gear as I can bring back with me. This will probably mean something like a dice tower, scenario packs and any TPP stuff that I've been looking for to fill out some gaps.

I was going to bring along my TOT1-3 stuff to play as a theme, but I only have the counters remaining as my TOT scenarios all "disappeared" when I lent out my TPP scenario folder back in 2000. If I ever could get hold of Phil Richardson of Wellington again, I'd kill to get my KE/TOT stuff back, as it includes all the stuff up to MM99.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting old and forgetful

Somehow I seem to have ended up with two copies of Action Pack 4 - I know how I obtained the most recent one - through the MMP sale. I must have ordered the earlier one in 2008 from Gamer's Armory when I was trying to catch up on recent ASL stuff.

A little annoying as I didn't grab Action Pack 3 from the sale due to budgetary limitations. Time to do a comprehensive audit I think, as the study is a bomb site and I've got ASL gear strewn everywhere.

In other news, Brian Youse has posted a schedule update for the ASL stuff on pre-order. I'll post it here so I don't forget, but I see my credit card is going to take a hammering in late January:

ASL Action Pack #6
ASL Journal #8
Doomed Battalions - arrived February
ASL Journal #2 reprint

It'd be nice if all of these were shipped in the one box but that might be just a tad optimistic - (Edit - shipping separately - man that postage hurts for things like scenario packs and Journals)

Friday, January 1, 2010

An expat Kiwi's ASL Odyssey from Australia to ASLOk part 1

My Resolutions:

1. Play at least 12 F2F games at the bears in 2010
2. Attend ASLOk XXV
3. Only commit to one PBeM VASL game at a time (yeah right)
4. Finally buy ASLRB v2 Done
5. Buy Starter Kits ASLSK 1, 2 and WO Bonus Pack Done