Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing Status Update:

Wow. A lot of ASL played since the beginning of April: 9 completed games (2 of which were PBeM) and currently I have 10 games on the go (although some of these will be completed within the next 14 days.).

It helps that now I have a new job starting in a couple of weeks, I can concentrate on what truly matters, playing ASL. Lots of people I haven't played much against or at all in the list below, so i'm getting a good view of how I stack up in general.


  • MP19 Ski Patrol vs Aaron C - VASL + Skype
  • FrF57 Warsaw in Flames vs Aaron C - VASL + Skype
  • BFP30 Mèlée Near the Coast vs Jon Halfin - VASL PBeM
  • FrF40 Sporck's Eleven vs Ian Percy - VASL PBeM
  • FrF01 Jarama Proving Ground vs John Knowles - VASL + Skype

Tourney Games:

Global Ladder:
  1. FrF30 Bidermann's Escape vs Davide Bernazzi - VASL PBeM/Skype
  2. BFP99 Ivanovskii vs Mark Humphries - VASL + Skype 
2012 VASLeague:
  • Round 2: TBD vs Adam Lunney
VASL AP9 PT tourney
  • Round 2: AP84 Alea Iacta Est vs Spencer Armstrong - VASL + Skype

2012 eASLeague

  • Round 1: J103 Lenin's Sons vs Lee Thornton - VASL PBeM

So really a very busy ASL period coming up. At this rate, just doing the AARs may be beyond my means, but I will do my best.