Sunday, November 20, 2011

An appreciation of the French way of ASL part 1

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a (somewhat pretentious) francophile. I've spent some time living there, including a year in Paris doing the whole dissolute writer thing on the left bank, and until relatively recently I was planning to retire to a small village in the Loire where I have some investment property. Hell, I even support Les Bleus when they aren't in a position to KO the All Blacks froma World Cup.

I first came across ASL à la mode française through working on some of the Tactiques translations for Coastal Fortress and through Vae Victis. I would have liked to have obtained ASL News and Tactiques in their heydays, but unfortunately by the time I was aware of them, they were gone and in the case of ASL News, their legacy has been sadly traduced by Critical Hit.

Thankfully Le Franc Tireur has raised the banner of French ASL proudly once more and it's notable that for many ASLers, LFT is one of the must buy TPPs. Not a bad effort given the expense outside the EC in obtaining LFT products, although for those of us in Australasia and the far East, it's been hugely convenient to have a distribution point located in Cambodia especially as the AUD has been strong vis à vis the Euro.

I'm gradually building up my collection of Le Franc Tireur products (those I am missing are from the earlier days, but as French language editions are just as accessible for me as a francophone, the demand from the wider ASL community is not as fierce), with the two main goals being LFT N° 8 Normandy and From The Cellar N° 3.

In the next piece, brief thoughts on a particular subset of scenarios from LFT.


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  1. I really like LFT stuff, the use of old campaign maps is a huge plus in their favour. Played a lot of From The Cellar 6 though a couple have issues

  2. I love the LFT too. The 1st LFT product I bought (the one with the german para counters) was printed wrong and X sent me a replacement and a couple of back issues too. Been a loyal supporter since. Besides it is good ASL and they produce some nice stuff. I appreciate the quality of their components.

  3. LOL: I love your timestamp. I am posting this 9:30AM tomorrow, I am posting 1730EST12/12.