Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ASLOK XXIX October 1-12 Loot

 The final list of loot. I didn't think I would have much difficulty getting it back weight-wise, but space was at a premium. I need to work on my luggage system still. I have the weight allowance but not the room.
  • 3 x Dice towers from Jack Daniels
  • Schwerpunkt 20 x 3 (Aaron C, Jackson Kw)
  • Friendly Fire 9 x 4 (Aaron C, Jackson Kw, Ivan K)
  • Rally Point 9 x 2 (Jackson Kw)
  • ESG Dezign Pak 10 
  • Panzerknacker, Molotov, Dust Devils, Sniper, and ROF dice
  • East vs West 12mm 5 dice set (Ivan K)
  • Tweezers x 2
  • 300 x US sized page protectors
  • Overlay Binder and Inserts
  • Travel Board Binder
  • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm deluxe counter cutters
  • Festung Budapest, Decision at Elst, Rising Sun
  • ASLOK XXIX Tees x 5 (Aaron C, Jackson Kw)
  • ASL Open Tees x 2 (Jackson Kw)
  • Plano 3601 low-profiles x 5
  • Longstreet: A Biography by Jeffrey Werts
  • Guadalcanal by Richard Franks
  • Gettysburg: the Second Day by Harry Pfanz
  • AVRES in Normandy by Richard C Anderson Jr 
  • Pleva HIP Trays x 3
  • Ops Spec Ed vol 4 and Vol 5
  • Board 68 x 3  (Aaron C, Vlad S) 
  • Miscellaneous Critical Hit modules (mainly desert and winter)
I gave away one of the Pleva trays to an ASLer who has been doing it tough, and one set of tweezers was passed on to another ASLer.

Sadly I managed to lose a pair of Battleschool dice (green and white 14mm plain) as well as the little counter picker, but they are easily replaced.