Friday, August 17, 2012

August Update

Now for the meat and two veg of the update (an unfortunate analogy given yesterday's extractions):

New purchases (including a lot of catch ups):
  • For King & Country
  • Starter Kit #3
  • Winter Offensive 2012 Pack
  • Special Ops Vols 1 & 2
  • Out of the Bunker
  • Le Franc Tireur #12
  • From the Cellar 7
  • Friendly Fire 7
  • ESG Dezign Pak 7
  • Schwerpunkt 17
  • Texas ASL Dos Equis Pack
And since my last gaming update back in May I've completed 10 games...for 3 wins and 7 losses, but man, some of those games were tight as.

  • MP19 Ski Patrol - loss vs the Cleavinator (live VASL)
  • FrF01 Jarama Proving Grounds - loss vs John Knowles (live VASL)
  • FrF30 Bidermann's Escape - loss vs Davide Bendazzi (PBeM)
 JunoBear 2012 results:
  1.  BFP099 Ivanovskii - win vs Mark McGilchrist (F2F)
  2. FrF53 Raid into the Reich - loss vs Dave Wallace (F2F)
  3. MP17 Bagging Burcorps - loss vs Murray McCloskey (F2F)
  4. FrF11 Rostov Redemption - win vs Nick Irving (F2F)
  • SP089 Fangs of the Tiger - loss vs Jeff Sewall (PBeM)
  • BFP030 Melee near the Coast - win vs Jon Halfin (PBeM)
  • J114 The Marketplace at Wormhoudt - loss vs John Knowles (live VASL)
 In progress:
  •  FrF57 Warsaw in Flames vs Aaron C - VASL + Skype
  •  FrF40 Sporck's Eleven vs Ian Percy - VASL PBeM
  •  BFP99 Ivanovskii vs Mark Humphries - VASL + Skype 
  •  WO6 vs Adam Lunney (VASL)
  •  J100 vs Sandro Coriasco (VASL)
  •  J115 vs John Knowles (VASL + Skype)
  •  J130 The Fine Art of Dying vs Josh Gilbert (PBeM)
At this rate I may just crack the 30 game mark for the year...

Lacking Wisdom...

As I have a day off thanks to yesterday's dentistry, I thought I'd be relatively productive and do some updating on my blog courtesy of my new toy, an old but very useful iPad 1.

I've been pretty quiet since May on the ASL front, primarily because of work commitments not permitting much time during the week. I have managed a few games online and at JunoBear with the usual mixed bag of results, although I am sure my game has improved markedly in the last twelve months.

With an income again, I've been able to start catching up on the releases since last ASLOK which means I am almost up to date on my ASL collection. Now for the Raaco, Hozan and BoxBox storage orders.

A brief update, but one designed to test this blogging app.