This page is purely so I could keep track of the ASL Starter Kit Scenarios I have and so I can tick them off as I fill in the gaps. I don't actually do Starter Kit per se, but there are a couple of ASLers who are very pro-active in using the SKs to bring players along to full ASL and I'm keeping the SKs in case I have the opportunity and most importantly the motivation/energy to do so myself.

Title Scenario Number Attacker Defender Boards Used Comments
Retaking Vierville SK1 German American y ASLSK #1
War of the Rats SK2 German Russian z ASLSK #1
Simple Equation SK3 American German y, z ASLSK #1
Welcome Back SK4 German American y ASLSK #1
Clearing Colleville SK5 American German y ASLSK #1
Released from the East SK6 Russian German z ASLSK #1
Prelude to Festung Brest SK7 American German z Ops #46
Ad Hoc at Chef-du-pont SK8 American German y Ops #47
Ambitious Assault SK9 Allies Italian w ASLSK #2
Paper Army SK10 Italian Greek x ASLSK #2
A Long Way to Go SK11 German American w, x ASLSK #2
Over Open Sights SK12 German American x ASLSK #2
Priority Target SK13 Greek Allies x ASLSK #2
88s at Zon SK14 American German w ASLSK #2
Hammer to the Teeth SK15 German American w ASLSK #2
Legio Patria Nostra SK16 French German w ASLSK #2
A Ridge too Far SK17 German British w, x Ops #48
Breaking Bread SK18 German Russian z Ops #49
Purple Heart Lane SK19 American German y Ops #50
Joseph 351 SK20 Allies German u, v ASLSK #3
Clash at Borisovka SK21 Russian German t, v ASLSK #3
Another Summer's Day SK22 American German t, v ASLSK #3
Monty's Gamble SK23 German British u ASLSK #3
Sherman Marches West SK24 Russian German t, v ASLSK #3
Early Battles SK25 German Russian u, v ASLSK #3
Last Ally, Last Victory SK26 German Russian t, u, v ASLSK #3
Stand for New Zealand SK27 German British u, v ASLSK #3
Out of Luck SK28 German Russian u, v Ops #51
No Monumental Acclaim SK29 German American w Ops #52
Ripples on the Pond SK30 German American u, v Sp Ops #1
Going to New York! SK31 American Italian x Sp Ops #1
Goring's Men SK32 German Russian v, x Ops #53
Few and Far Between SK33 German Dutch u, y Sp Ops #2
Twilight at Baerendorf SK34 American German x, y Sp Ops #2
The Volga is Reached SK35 German Russian z Sp Ops #3
Satisfaction and Confidence SK36 German Russian x,v,t Sp Ops #3
Sink's Encouragement SK41 American German p Bonus Pack
One More Hedgerow SK42 American German p Bonus Pack
Clearing Carentan SK43 American German z Bonus Pack
Across the Border SK44 Slovaks Polish r Exp Kit #1
Contested Settlement SK45 Polish Slovaks q Exp Kit #1
Where the Winter Lingers SK46 Russian German q Exp Kit #1
Not so Disposed SK47 American Italian r Exp Kit #1
Converging Assaults SK48 Italian American r Exp Kit #1
Cooks, Clerks and Bazookas SK49 German American r Exp Kit #1
N-463 SK50 German Fr French s Exp Kit #1
Enter the Young SK51 American German r, s Exp Kit #1
Why at Erp SP111 American German y SP Vol 10
Butchers and Bakers RPT11 British German y Rally Point 2
Retreat from Bairak RPT12 Russian German y, z Rally Point 2
A Handful of Howdy RPT13 American German v, x Rally Point 2
Keitel and Cox RPT14 American German z Rally Point 2
Comrade Klimenkov RPT15 Russian German u, v Rally Point 2
Miracle at Sinagoga RPT16 British German t, v, w Rally Point 2
Hetzer Hunters RPT17 German American u, w Rally Point 2
Worker's Settlement No. 8 RPT18 Russian German x, y Rally Point 2
Mercury Rising RPT19 German Allies v, y Rally Point 2
The Trouble with Tigers RPT20 German Russian v, x, z Rally Point 2