Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I'm currently watching...

Part of my malaise has been a pretty debilitating ennui and enervation outside of watching videos. I'd become very passive. However the upside of this is that I've been watching some pretty good foreign mini-series and films.

The current ones on my playlist are:

ShtrafBat (Penal Battalion) - an 11 part mini-series which I am finding very enjoyable.
Next up will be:

This is something I only picked up through browsing for a Shtrafbat image for this blog.
In any event, I'm almost tempted to see if I can wangle a PBeM game of The Citadel out of this. Early Barbarossa is my favourite Eastern Front setting for ASL and miniatures, so hopefully once I'm back up to speed, I can get something organised.

Rumours of my demise...

...are only slightly exagerrated.

Since I last posted, my role was off-shored and I was re-deployed into a high-stress, hateful position which I had to get out of by resigning. Unfortunately the stress of that coupled with the holiday period and general mental fatigue arising meant I dropped out of gaming completely for a while. I tried returning to miniatures gaming in January and February but I wasn't remotely ready.

However I missed playing ASL a lot and chatting with the Cleavinator plus returning to Gamesquad in moderation has w4roked. It helps that Round 3 of the VASL league is underway and that I'm ok to take part in the new dedicated PBeM league (I enjoy PBeM sometimes more than Live VASL). I'm also taking part in Gary Fortenberry's VASL Tourney which will give me some material for here as part of the entry condition is AAR and setup screenshots.

I don't think you'll ever see the same volume of posts as last year, I still have to find a new job and I do want to bring back my miniatures blog from the shadows again, now that I have safely archived the old posts for transferral to on that later.