Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Pre-Reg is done, Maaan!

Okay so I've done the pre-reg Paypal thing, bought the T-shirts and made my Mini-tourney selections.

I was originally going to be staid and safe at my first ASLOk and keep to the basic ASL themes, but instead I've gone with setting first chouces as anything involving PTO and Japanese. I've had Code since about 2 years after it was published (I actually managed to acquire Gung Ho first due to availability issues) so it's long overdue for me to immerse myself in all things PTO. I've played a few PTO scenarios over the years against Knowles and Cleavin (usually getting my head handed to me by both) but it'll suit me to try and maintain a core theme throughout ASLOK. Of course this means I'll have to actually read Chapter G (but then again, Panji stakes and caves can't be that hard to master right? Insane cackling is permitted at this point.

Oh well if I can find a decent copy of Watchtower I should be okay.

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